Professional Garage Door Service, Maintenance & Repairs

Servicing & Maintenance

Just like your car or your heat pump your garage door should be serviced regularly to make sure that it is running efficiently. By servicing your door, you are not only prolonging its life span and delaying the cost to replace parts or the whole door but in a lot of cases you may be voiding your warranty if you do not get your door serviced.

We recommend that you service your garage door every 2 years and if you live in close proximity to the beach then we recommend that you service your door every year.

Contact us today to discuss your servicing options, our technicians can proactively identify potential issues with your garage door and we can resolve them conveniently rather than waiting for the issue to cause damage to your door and disrupting your day.



Is your automatic opener not working? Does your door make a noise when it opens? Is one of your springs broken? Whatever the problem with your door is, we can help!

At Dominator Tauranga we have a team of full time service technicians who specialise in the identification and rectification of your garage door problems. We provide this service to all makes and models of garage doors as well as our own and we can source and supply replacement parts quickly and cost effectively to have your garage door operational again as fast as possible.

We operate a 24/7 callout service for your convenience so if you have got a problem with a garage door then give us a call!

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